Hobbies make for great times. They can be simple and inexpensive. All one needs is an interest and some weekend time. Want to be a photographer? Buy any camera, any camera and start clicking.

Want to be a radio control racer? Buy a buggy or truck, a battery charger & remote control and find a track. No big deal. No big expense. And then buy a trailer complete with workshop, generator and air compressor to clean the rigs. Apparently a couch potato fix is in order after a day of hard racing so satellite TV is included. A dedicated support trailer is necessary, in part, because it’s not enough to race at a local track. We found out that a serious racer thinks nothing of driving from North Carolina to Florida for Saturday races even if one is on a limited budget. Dee tried to chat up the North Carolina racer to see just how much these set ups could run. All she could find out is that his wife put him on a racing budget. Some budget. 

We have a RC race complex next door to our marina complex so we wandered over for the local race day. People wanted to know if we were photographers for one of the RC magazines. Nope. Just folks pursuing our hobby while they pursue theirs. All in all an excellent day of shooting as we need practice to get our camera techniques developed before the big races. Later in the month this track hosts the Florida Nitro Winter Series race weekend – whatever that is. Won’t be like getting a photographers pass to a Grand Prix race. Hobbyist racers may pretend it is and so will we.  And whatever it is will be fun.

Just do it. Go for the gusto. What’s your hobby as in what’s not in your wallet?

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