How fresh can seafood get? Not more so than catching your own and then cooking it immediately. Next best perhaps is to meet an incoming boat and buy on the docks. We now know where around here to get fresh off the boat shrimp – Geechie Seafood on Shem Creek across the river from Charleston. We went over there looking for a seafood market, saw some shrimp boats so went exploring. As we walked down to a dock we were greeted with the announcement, “We are waiting for the boat to come in.” What a greeting. OK so we will also wait. Twenty minutes or so later the boat came in, all sorts of birds arrived for whatever they could scrounge and customers appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It turns out the boat comes in about two every day. So, call to see if the boat went out on a particular day and show up at two. We can do that.

The boat crew had culled most of the shrimp on the way in. Some work remained to be done which presented a photo op and a challenge. He worked fast and had a particularly tight fisted sorting technique. That’s Ok. We got our shots and our fresh shrimp. Yummy.

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