But not really work  So let’s say back at the keyboard again thanks to friends in high places as in I got an assignment from the new Executive Editor of PassageMaker magazine. Write an impressionistic article about going south with lots of pictures. Pictures are easy. It’s gratifying to see that they chose to open the piece with a two page photo spread.  Words are easy. Limiting oneself to the assigned limit (1,500 words) required disciplined pacing.  As one of my reader friends put it –  that’s covering a lot of ground for only going 8 knots. It is but wait until the April issue comes out. As of now I have the cover’s featured article: Cruising Penobscot Bay in Maine, 1,100 words and lots of pictures. Don’t yet know what it will look like. I submit more images than they will use and their art director selects.

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