So here I sit this morning waiting for a weekend photography workshop up in the Smokies to be cancelled as it, of course, will be because it is most apparent that no last minute sweeping deal with instant results for park reopening. It’s enough to drive one to drink.

And that brings us to my favorite southern solace. Can’t say as I am still a southern boy (if I ever was one) but the warm glow of straight bourbon has its enduring appeal. That called for a stop at a fine Kentucky distillery a couple weeks ago when on our way to Ohio.

And now I am sitting here with Dee encouraging me to send out this image of expectant bottles all ready to be filled. Dee asks me if our drop dead time of noon has produced a cancellation announcement yet. Nope – but wait I have email! Our workshop is on. It seems “local authorities have pulled together to fund the reopening of Great Smoky Mountain National Park through this weekend.”

Good enough. And now we can enjoy another reason to indulge that warm glow.

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