Before we left someone asked me how we know when it is summer in Florida. I gave all sorts of qualifications including a heat index. Now that we are back down form the mountains, I can safely say my index was way off, too premature. I reported summer is here when it gets hot. Not good enough. Let’s say blisteringly hot as it is now. No wonder half of Highlands, North Carolina is reputedly owned by people from Florida.

I don’t think Charleston will be much different. That’s OK – well not OK but we can charge back up to the mountains. There, on a sunny day, we can take a pleasant (though sometimes long) walk up a hill or up the side of a mountain to a nice waterfall. We can walk right to up many as we could the one at Danial Ridge. Just need to find enough semi-flat sections of rock for the tripod. Set it down and twirl the polarizing filter. No rock color and pretty much all reflected glare without such a filter so the filter is a good deal. The weather is a good deal. The falls are a great deal.
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