We have perhaps become a bit too serious about this camera stuff when we go location scouting mid-day on a cloudless day in the south in the summer. Not yet certifiable, at least not yet. We wanted to get down there before this heat wave hits. So can’t say we were out in the sun too long. The purpose was to check out a dirt road with a lovely live oak canopy and an eroded beach that has beautifully sculpted dead tress in the water at high tide. Makes for a really artsy shot when light and clouds are right. But in harsh light? The live oak allée with its spray of light and shadow on the road was nothing if not visually confusing. That’s OK. We got our location set and run timed out. There will be a misty rainy day or foggy morning.

The beach: Cool breeze for a cloudless day. Dead trees in the water. Dead trees with upturned root fans on the beach. Bleached out colors except for the sky. No distracting background. A target rich environment. What a treat.

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