Most images have stories. This image has two and will have another one in October. The falls are a mile hike up and along ridges off from an educational center in the National Park. We saved this gem for the last morning because of the length of the walk in. The results speak for themselves. That’s story one.

Story two: We are now in Nashville visiting with friends. One is a former commercial photographer now in the high end photo printing business. So I am all grateful and reluctant and anxious when Mike likes the image and¬† suggests we test print this image to see how it comes out on various papers. Various papers – oh my. And to better examine the results the image is printed at 17″. The final print will be smaller. Goodie, goodie. Goodie, goodie.

Story three: We have been looking for sites that will be good when fall color comes in. Can’t think of a better one. The trees will frame rocks and water. Rhododendrons will provide hard color relief. We will be back. Actually back for a fall color workshop/excursion so the morning for the next shoot here¬†should be Monday October 29.

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