Barry’s Story: Barry is a picker, the type featured on the History Channel program. Has been for years. Collects all sorts of interesting stuff. He knows the TV pickers and now is their landlord for their retail store in Nashville, Antique Archealogy. Now that’s an interesting name and probably an effective one when seeking to take old stuff upscale. But that is not the story. Barry has an extensive, irresistable collection of old cameras on shelves in his office. What could be better than to photograph cameras silently staring at me? He was kind enough to allow me to interrupt his day but then it gave him an opportunity to hold court. Barry is also a big time raconteur.
My story: Instead of setting up a finished print of the waterfalls from my previous Post C.card, Mike will print and mount two versions of this image. One will be our thanks for Barry. One I will get as a reminder of life’s priorities.
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