Tucked away in the far Northwest corner of the Great Smoky Mountians National Park is this marvellous corner of the world, Cades Cove. The Park Service has been manicuring it and refining it since the forties. In doing so they must have consulted with the art department from National Geogrpahic Publications. If they didn’t then National Geogrphic Publications need to send trainees up here. Bucolic. Rustic. Photogenic. Anyone who has been up here would add to my string of adjectives.

Churches and other structures dating from the mid Nineteenth Century are preserved without any furnishings. That has its advantages. Unlit empty rooms become echo chambers of subdued light, color, shadows and textures. We get to rattle around in there with ghosts frm the past.

Early evening light gave us good conditions to shoot inside a farm dwelling. Then for a just a few moments strong sun came in one window – just for a few moments – an experience as ephemeral as any ghost siting.

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