More fun than sitting on a whoopee cushion – launched from the boat voluntarily and otherwise. Voluntarily: The standing wave at the entrance rapids to the Olympic course really pops raft sterns up in the air. Some guides use this motion to add a bit of showmanship to the ride leaping with the pop. Then they settle down to prepare their folks for the end of the course, a double step set of rapids, Godzilla and Humongus. Involuntarily: if a raft doesn’t have a good line through Godzilla, it will turn sideways, get sucked back, dig in and pitch people out. Happens often so the raft companies share stationing people on the rocks with thow lines to collect those in the water. Pretty dramatic stuff.

Get psyched. Regulars told us that Labor Day weekend is a slow weekend. That means less holding and waiting one’s turn through the bigger rapids. Sounds good. Sign us up. So we now have our schedule marked for next Labor Day. Come up here to visit and run Olympic whitewater. We have raft company recommendations right down to names of guides to request.

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