Perhaps the number one reason people attend photography workshops is for a photo tour – to be put in the right place at the right time. We selected Tony Sweet because he is a master of composition and is aggressively creative. I went to be stretched and challenged. That said, I do want those killer locations at killer times. Tony told us if we saw fog at the motel in the morning we would rocket up to an over look on the Foothills Parkway for a sunrise shoot.

We got our fog. I got a nice series of sunrise shots and, when back in the classroom, learned a really nice technique. When one has a strongly monochromatic shot black & white blending can make things interesting. The base color shot of the fog is softly gray blue. As instructed, I converted the image to black & white and then partially blended in the black & white over the color to give the monochrome image subtle toning from the color layer. Just one of many neat ideas to stretch our photography.

Back to workshop doings: if we had been up there the previous week, there would have at least two other workshop groups with us so maybe fifty plus people. Plenty of room to spread out here but not at our next stop. We were off to chase the fog in the valley. Tony says it will linger in the valleys. We don’t think so.

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