More chasing fog: So there we are chugging down the mountain convinced we are wasting time. The fog will have burned off. What does Tony know? He has been working the area for maybe thirty years. Each of us has been there a couple times. We know. Gonna be no fog. Well there was fog.

First stop – Sparks Lane. Nobody there but the fog is nicely lingering. Had this been the week before, the height of spring photo workshop season, maybe one hundred photographers would have overwhelmed the lane. Tony tells us it got really nasty the week before. It’s a country lane with some iconic trees and fence line thanks to hundreds upon hundreds of photographers.

What does a tour leader do to make sure us underlings get a good shot? As we set up, “Look to the left. Nice light in the tree line.” Nice soft light indeed. So I get my version of the tree line, do the obligatory lane with fence & trees and then go wandering out in the fields and shoot the lane trees from a different angle as our light becomes stronger harder. This second vertical shot got high praise come critique time. Seems I did an excellent job with a complex composition situation. Shows careful consideration. I wish. Tony, who announces we are leaving a spot at least three time over a 15 minute period before we actually move, was now insistent we move. My dominant activity was not careful consideration but hyperventilation, panic, push. Need to get something here and not hold up the gang.

Next up another iconic lane in Cades Cove with the last of morning fog.

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