One more stop for our merry chase of the fog: Hyatt Lane with its iconic trees, iconic because the trees have been photographed twenty scazillion times from pretty much the same perspective. So I offer my version with soft background fog in a Black & White conversion with soft coffee color.

And as my workshop parting shot an artsy tartsy infrared filtered image. “The tree  offers all sorts of composition possibilities and has the advantage of not being totally obvious. (Dee got a nice broad perspective image with cool clouds.) Now to IR – allegedly digital camera sensors filter out infrared light because it messes up color registration. However, one of those folks who won’t take no for an answer figured out that a fair amount of infrared sneaks past the blocking filter. We now have a filter that lets in only in only IR light. Upshot of all this is that the shot has to be minutes long so clouds get artistically blurred. The resulting image is pink on magenta but readily converts to black & white with any original green colors coming out white. Creative possibilities make this all quite interesting. My shot was taken with a borrowed filter. We now have our own IR filter. Of course. Of course.

Onward and upward.
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