Still at Cumberland Island. Still messing with infrared. And getting hammered, drilled and bitten by bugs. We got more welts than a paint ball contestant who forgot his protective gear. It might take general anesthesia to get to sleep tonight. But we persist. Tomorrow morning we work the shore line for drift wood and then go outside to chug up to Charleston.

This infrared stuff is fascinating. Certainly a different visual aesthetic. I mean, good heavens, bleached blond palmettos already. Rest assured I will return you folks to regular programming. Dee spent a good part of the morning shooting magnolia blossoms and is working on a blossom triptych.

Cumberland Island was the site of Andrew Carnegie’s getaway mansion. It is now mainly concrete walls. This shed is part of a crumbling wood outbuilding. As always deteriorating stuff can be visually interesting. Or so says the kid in me that refuses to grow up and behave.

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