If one is not a professional photographer on assignment, all it takes to have a successful shoot is one shot. Just one shot. And that’s what we send out a single shot and then we move on. Sometimes we do indeed get just one acceptable shot. Edisto Beach was kind to us. Gave us keepers. Light evolved gently and the incoming tide waited a bit before it ate up the beach.

So at the risk of boring people we will do a series from our bone yard experience – dead trees and light. Dee has another tree so I will stay with our buddy the cloud machine. It’s that wisp of a linear cloud to the right that drove this image Monday morning. The clouds seem to dissipate into almost blah negative space moving away from our sunrise. And then there was that little guy wanting some attention. The original idea was to merge three shots running the horizon from sunrise out to my cloud. Seems better now to let the sun be the unseen sponsor of all that gentle color.

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