As I was working on this image setting it up as a Post Card, a I got a request to have a family member, an art & photography teacher, added to our Post Card list. Complimentary indeed. Perhaps it was a subliminal hint because I looked at this image more analytically and became rather fond of it.
This really is an image for art teachers. It has complementary leading lines with the shore & waves receding off left and shadows expanding/advancing forward down left. I would like to say I carefully crafted the composition for these lines. Nope. I wanted the shadows under tree. That’s it. The filter I had on the camera to knock down light so I could shoot straight into the light obscured the shadow tones anywhere other than looking dead into the sun. I was basically along for the ride. Had to be right where I was and take whatever that gave me. Worked out quite well if I do say so and I just did.
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