Québec tourists: Out bright and early. Brochure and map in hand. Agenda for the day set. By mid-day these streets will be jammed with tourists wandering semi-aimlessly. After all these streets are really no different from those of any other tourist town – lined with restaurants, galleries (high & low), souvenir shops (Dee has a T-shirt each from our major cities) and, of course, ice cream shops.

Québec as Montréal and Ottawa did previously offers us plenty to see and do. The historic nature of this city gives it distinct charm. Nineteenth century European architecture has its appeal within Québec’s walled city. The sights and sounds of horse drawn carriages add to the appeal. The same cannot be said for the added aromas. Note these streets are washed down – a necessary daily chore on the carriage routes. One can begin to image what cities smelled like on warm days back when carriages were everything. Today the distance out from the center of Québec’s old section is measured by the intensity of horse smells.

So what does one do? Wander the streets semi-aimlessly. Look for recommendations for restaurants and particularly microbreweries outside tourist central. Go to the changing of the guard. Their soldiers have a goat mascot descended from Queen Victoria’s goat. See a Cirque du Soleil light show. Rent a car and tour the country side – well worth the time & effort. What doesn’t one do? Get photographically inspired. As always, it’s not about what’s there but what one sees. For whatever reason, both of us haven’t been seeing either in Montréal or here. Hence an absence of Postcards.

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