We often photograph together starting in the same spot then wandering off shooting what interests us. Invariably, when comparing notes, we wind up commenting, “I didn’t see that.”

Sunday morning we were in the exact same spot as we stood on a salt marsh dock for several hours working the morning light from before sunrise until full sun hit the creek. Can’t say we couldn’t see the same things. Occasionally we worked the same scene from similar spots on the dock at the same time. Yet, as always, we saw things in different ways. Dee worked my dock line but never captured its strong lines and missed the contrasting texture. I worked the trees at the water’s edge but tried to force the issue by zooming in more and totally missed structural qualities imparted by the pine limbs and the texture contrast created by the pine visually contacting the grasses.

This seeing bit – that’s what makes photography, challenging, frustrating and fun. We enjoy comparing what we see on a given day so decided to share. Two different images. Two different moods. Both shot from almost the same spot on the dock.

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