Saturday was Town & Country Day in Smithfield. It starts off with a 5K race, the Hog Jog. Everyone should now know what town and state we are in so let’s move on. The highlight of the day is all the old cars and true hot rods that come in for show and for judging – something like 128 of them. My definition of true hot rod: old body, massive replacement engine like say an Offenhauser (the engine company that made virtually all motors for the old front engine Indianapolis 500 racers) in a 1930 Ford. The colors, the detailing, the ornaments on these babies – what a delight.

Archie Deans entered his 1940 DeLuxe. That hood ornament says V8 and I am here to tell you it was no 1940 engine. With its deep candy red color and its bullet shaped aerodynamics, this gem is gorgeous but it may not have even placed in the competition. That was the kind of day it was. So if you ever are in Hampton and see Archie and his Ford give him you respects. Tell him you are powerful proud of him. He has earned it.

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