The seemingly endless wake does disappear. Indeed it does end, end at the dock in Green Cove Springs for awhile. Our extensive summer chug north is over. Is it good to be at our nominal home port? Yes, if one enjoys endless to do lists. Attention turns to maintenance and repair items. Almost everything works almost every time so we have a scazillion generally age related boat items that need attention – sorta like us.

Photography Note: Some Post Card recipients enjoy abstract stuff. Since this image’s somewhat abstract qualities struck me I decided to push it over the edge with its titling. Notice the lack of capital letters suggesting nothing real enough to merit a formal name. If I were a true abstract artist, I could come up with a more abstract title – maybe candy stripes. (A prize goes to those who can find the candy stripes in this image.) Otherwise, the i i  evokes lack of specific definability. I take shots in bursts. This image was the second of three. So, abstract buffs now know I am trying. The rest just have to put up with me.

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