Color psychologists tell us that yellow is warm inducing feelings of satisfaction. Brown, while neutral, is the closest color to green, our universal color of nature. Perhaps this is why the colors of autumn so please us. One could take a contrary view arguing that so much is dead or dying or just going into hiding. However, we prize the colors of autumn particularly when we are stimulated by the fire and passion of some strong reds. Ah, bring on those swamp maples.

So it is with our shaggy sweater gardens. Rather than advertise the death of a growing season, they now invite one in for a new more casual experience. In this case, early morning light provides yellow for our warmth. The fallen angels?  They are the jumbo leaves almost to the point of decay. Last summer they were regal Blue Angel Hosta – massive leaves of cool blue green with seersucker texture. And they will be so again next year.

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