The second start of the Trans-Atlantic Race is underway. The Maltese Falcon has but one turn to make at the start line then it is almost a straight shot to England. That’s good because this behemoth is not at all maneuverable. Most racing sailboats set their sails shortly before the start and, during, the countdown, take a run or two at the start line, to properly time the start. Maltese Falcon went several miles off shore to set sails. What a spectacular sight – almost 300 hundred feet long and who knows how tall.

It was grand to be mixing it up with the spectator fleet out to see the big boy off. I drove and Dee shot. I am envious of her opportunity. On the other hand, it was good fun figuring out the start watching the pattern of spectator boat movement to look for clear sight lines to the racers right at the start. I got her good sight lines and Dee did us proud.

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