The base for our post cards is the image. From time to time we have a story but, lacking a compelling image, we do nothing. An image with a story is ideal. We have our image. At least I do. This bench is a dear favorite of mine – that’s my bench. And there’s a story here. We just don’t know what that story is.
Up towards the end of Winter Harbor on Vinalhaven is the massive slope of rocks you can see. All by itself with nothing around it sits a nice stone bench. The nearest structure is probably a mile away by road if there are still roads into its site. The head of Winter Harbor was once an active quarry. We can see the quarry cuts, left over stone and abandoned stone loading wharfs complete with a rusting out lift cable. So we speculate that the quarry folk made this bench. For a rest break? Could be. For posterity? Seems to have worked out that way. Just for me? For sure.

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