Race days for Friendship Sloops. A raging regatta this is not. The only egos on the loose are those of boys who, as always, feel the need to generate their own excitement in this case with pirate songs and water balloon barrages during the pre-start maneuvering. By all outward appearances we have a race. There are real race marks, a committee boat with the appropriate signals and the standard race start countdown. The first three legs of the race seem normal enough – sailing out of the harbor and then back. The bigger boats soon outpace the pack which becomes most unpack like quite quickly.
We didn’t know the race course so we would hang up sun at the marks and then move on the next one. The only problem was the faster sloops started doing sightseeing loops and taking side trips as they might do on a yacht club cruise. Seems that the rule of the day was not to get too far ahead. Pretend to charge around race marks and have fun. Seems to have worked out just fine. Did for us.

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