We are back at the WoodenBoat School so Dee can do a week of scratching Corian for practice in a scrimshaw class. Yep, Corian is the training material of choice. But that’s not the story. Jim here is the story.

The last time we were here, I captured him working on a new figurehead. It turns out that he has just finished the figurehead. He is in the scrimshaw class. Finally, he is the one who campaigned for several years to get such a class into the catalog. All around neat deal. Dee gets a class she wants. Jim gets a copy of his working portrait.

Me? I get to hang out, to photograph in the shops, to ride around on the waterfront chase boats and to sail or row whatever is available. You see I created two new categories of camper/student/visitor here: self-appointed staff photographer pro tem and exalted alumni with privileges.

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