Those who keep track of such things tell us that sunsets are the most photographed subject. Our life style makes it easy to contribute to the statistics. Our presence in Penobscot Bay also makes it easy to photograph windjammers as they are everywhere. We rarely anchor without a windjammer neighbor. They provide great background for us. I doubt we do the same for them.

The challenge is to avoid wearing out one’s welcome by showing too many sunset shots. Can’t have too many windjammer shots. They are so cool. So let’s focus on their moment and enjoy. The Mary Day came in to anchor after a lovely, blustery day on the water. First, the crew anchored just off the beach across the way at Babson Island for a cook out. Then they repositioned for the evening and for the sunset. This morning the folks will go ashore to visit the school and then be off up Eggemoggin Reach with afternoon breezes. Can’t have too much of that.

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