Last days of summer are winding down. Last days of Maine trip are winding down. The gardens of Portland’s Victorian era residential neighborhood pleasantly cling to late summer color while reminding us this really isn’t summer. Flower beds are a terminally shaggy. Color comes into trees. Apples litter the ground.

Seas are settling down so we can boogie south in a couple days. Quick. Quick. Before we leave we must rush to do things we probably could have done pretty much at any time. ┬áDo a tour of Portland’s museums and galleries. Try to do artsy tartsy images of decaying pilings downtown. And of course the there’s Portland Head Light, advertised to be one of the most photographed light houses in Maine, in the US, ever – you take your pick. My excuse is that to get a good image the weather and light need to be good. Tomorrow we should have partially cloudy skies and left good sea swells from Katia so maybe a good days for waves and rocks.

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